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Gonzalo Rango - Creative Director.

Graphic Designer and Art Director.
Plastic artist, illustrator
Graduated from the Morón University.
With more than 20 years of experience in the advertising medium.

Lorena Gorosito - Art Director.

Acount Director.

Graphic Designer, Art and audiovisual director and illustrator
She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.
She with more than 24 years of experience in the advertising medium.

Mi pasión por comunicar en diferentes lienzos.

My passion for communicating on different canvases.

Gonzalo Rango - Artista plástico.

Mi pasión y gusto por el arte sew manifestaron a lo largo de mi carrera profesional. La forma de transmitir un mensaje claro en mi Obra es parte de mi ser.

Sublimar con mi pintura hace que pueda romper con las estructurs establecidas y liberarme !!!

My passion and taste for sew art manifested throughout my professional career. The way of transmitting a clear message in my Work is part of my being.

Sublimating with my painting allows me to break with established structures and free myself!!!

Padre, Marido NB CM PM GP PZ PM KM

Vida = Color, música y naturaleza.



Father, Husband NB CM PM GP PZ PM KM

Life = Color, music and nature.

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